Domowa Uprawa

Domowa Uprawa is a growshop / seedsshop, with a stationary store in Poznan. We sell high quality products for growing plants (lamps, fertilizers, growboxes, ventilation, gardening accessories, seeds, etc.) so that everyone will be able to easily create their own healthy and organic garden at home.聽

Growshop is a store run from passion for plants. We are the first growshop in Greater Poland and the third in Poland. We have been gaining our experience in the industry since 2004, periodically participating in the largest industry events throughout Europe. Since the very beginning, we have been constantly expanding our assortment, giving our customers more control and development of their crops which always guarantees higher yields.聽

We run a YouTube channel DomowaUprawa.Tv where we publish videos on cultivation, product reviews or answer your questions.

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